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The Brayden Carr Foundation is proud to present some of our scholarship recipients, which is made possible by  generous donations and the kindness and support our foundation has received since 2011.

One of our first recipients is a daycare in Cranford, NJ designed to integrate special needs children in a traditional day care / play setting along with other typically developing kids with no special needs at all. These types of daycares, and this centers vision in particular, are very rare to come by which is why they were selected by The Brayden Carr Foundation to receive a scholarship. Our foundation donated the playroom, and all of its toys, in Brayden’s name and it will provide many children the opportunity to have fun, laugh, learn, receive early intervention services on site, and most importantly be in an environment that is conducive to putting all children on a path to achieve many successes in life, regardless of their needs. Please view the pictures below.

The second recipient is ” TJ” , a 2012 high school graduate from the New England area diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 4.  He received a $5000 academic scholarship to attend a four year State University which he was accepted for fall 2012.  He has persevered, triumphed, and succeeded in reaching his goals in both athletics and academics. The Brayden Carr Foundation is very proud to have rewarded such excellence and determination and provide opportunities to a well-deserving, hard-working kid.

The next recipient of our rehabilitation scholarship is a 3 year old girl, “MF”, from the Boston area who was diagnosed with refractory epilepsy.  This scholarship provided resources, rehabilitation equipment, and toys to completely renovate a therapy area of her home.  Since this transformation, she is thriving and performing tasks once thought to be out of reach. She now has the proper accommodations to continue to improve her developmental skills and live a wonderful life with her loving and supportive family.

Our next recipient from the Ohio area is a 3 year old little boy, “WW”, with an epilepsy diagnosis since he was a few months of age.  His humanitarian and rehabilitation scholarship will provide much needed foot braces to assist in his walking as well as providing up to 6 months of additional therapy services so he can continue on his progressive path to improved skills and function.

Another recipient is a local little girl and her family from the South New Jersey area, “LH”.  Their humanitarian scholarship provided by the BCF has fulfilled their need for transportation for her. The BCF, along with the catastrophic fund, provided a handicapped equipped vehicle to accommodate the family’s needs to help “LH”.  This award not only allows her to be more mobile, but also improves the quality of her life by allowing her the opportunity to enjoy all that she now has access to just by being easily and safely transported outside of her home.  In addition, it allows her to enjoy time and adventures with the rest of her family.

To date, The Brayden Carr Foundation has also helped dozens of pediatric epilepsy patients and their families by providing funding for their costly medications as well as neurological treatment and care over the past 9 years. Our Foundation is very proud to be a part of their continued improvement not only regarding their health but their quality of life. It has been our pleasure to help them grow and achieve goals.

We have also sponsored varying programs providing services for these very special kids and their families. This included sponsoring a surfing program, in conjunction with the University of Rhode Island, serving hundreds of special needs kids for over 2 years learn movement and balance skills required for their daily lives and have some much needed fun and physical freedom.

We are currently helping several other applicants as well and assisting with their needs so they can continue living happy, joy filled lives as well.